Why a Golden Retriever’s Nose is So Powerful

About of Golden Retriever’s Nose

Especially powerful is the Golden Retriever’s nose, which often takes over the function of the brain. One of the main reasons hunters have sought Goldens over the years is for their superior scenting ability.
The instinct and desire to use their noses to discover and enjoy new and old smells is ever-present in Goldens. On walks or just in their yard, they are constantly on the alert for smells. It is one of the greatest pleasures of their lives.
The retriever part of the dog’s name indicates the type of work for which he was developed. It is also an indication that the average Golden with instincts is going to spend a good deal of time looking for and carrying any objects he finds in his mouth.
Some Goldens are so happy when they have a wonderful object in their mouths that they make talking sounds.
Generally, Goldens get along well with other domesticated animals. However, as often as we dislike admitting it, they are dogs and exhibit dog-like traits. While it is not a desirable trait, adult males can be aggressive toward other dogs of the same sex.
Occasionally females will exhibit the same tendency. Neutering can help control this problem, especially in males. Goldens with prey instinct will chase anything that runs from them, such as cats and rabbits and anything small and fast.
Chasing larger animals or livestock is usually not a problem because they are more likely to bark at larger animals than chase them, though one can never be certain.
As conclusion, Golden Retriever’s, like all retrievers, take great pleasure in investigating the world with their strong sense of smell. They generally get along well with other local animals, but sometimes show their prey instinct and chase smaller animals.

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