Food That Cats Can’t Eat

Eating cat food remains.

As a cat owner, do you know food is very important to cats? And do you know what is that cats can’t eat? Here are some information about food that cats can’t eat.

1. Onion. Onion include something that may destroy the red blood cells of a cat. So please pay attention to meat which may mixed with onion.

2. Haslet. We all know that eat too much haslet may cause Skin problems. The same is true of the cat. And eat too much haslet will also cause Bone problem. So please don’t feed your cat haslet frequently.

3. Fish bone. Some one believe that cats chew bone while it eat food. Actually, cats Swallow food without any chewing. Big bone may stab its stomach. So we’d better get rid of the bone from the food before feeding the cat.

4. Food for human. There are so much edible oil, salt and other condiments in our daily food. All of these things are not comfortable for our cats. It is enough for an adult cat or dog to eat food with 5 percent of salt. More salt will be bad for their health.

5. Ice cream and cream cake. In fact, there is no need to feed pets ice cream and cream cake. Because it may include too much sugar and other things that pets can’t digest well. We can see that these things are not good for pets’ health.

6. Chocolate. Chocolate include pentoxifylline which may cause food poisoning. And chocolate poisoning may cause vomiting, uneasy, hyperactivity, even die of heart failure. So please be very careful!

7. Milk. Though milk have high nutritional value, cats and dogs can’t assimilate easily and cause diarrhea. Especially raw protein can prevent pets from assimilating vitamin.

8. Raw pork. Do you know that raw pork include toxoplasma gondii which may badly hurt your pet. So never feed your pet raw pork.

Also, there may be other things that would hurt your pet. We should take good care in our daily life. Just read more about pets and learn to be a good pet owner and get along well with your pet.

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