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We are all familiar with basic pet accessories that we use to help better manage our pets. For example, we need bowls to provide food and water, as well as leashes so we can take our pets on walks. There are many cooler pet accessories out there which can improve other things about our pets, including their health and physical appearance.

When you groom your pet, you are often left with a lot of hair that ends up in the trashcan. However, there is something more productive you can do with these leftovers. There are services which take pet hair and turn it in to yarn, and then knit that yarn in to various kinds of clothing for your pet. What is cooler than your pet wearing clothes made of their own fur? The yarn is so refined that it does not even seem like it was made from hair, and since you provide the starting materials, you also save money.

Most of us who have cats have observed how they enjoy eating grass. Some cats can handle it well, but others can get sick from it. To satisfy this desire, you can purchase a small cat garden which automatically grows several types of edible grass, which not only are highly enjoyable for your cat to eat, but they also improve their digestive health.

Also in the health department is supplements, which can be easily mixed in with food. Your pet will not even know its there, but they will still get all the benefits of having extra vitamins and minerals in their diet.

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