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When looking for cats, people have to consider a variety of aspects, such as the natural habitat or the environment.

Ecology is the science of relationships between organisms and their environments. When looking for cats, people have to consider a variety of aspects, such as the natural habitat or the environment. To make sure the environment at home is the safest for cats, owners have to make available certain things such as first aid kit for cats and play items for their recreational purpose.

Several people assume that since domestic and wild cats get enough water and food, cats may survive in cold climate because of their thick coats. Although, studies say that in harsh climate, shelter preferred the most over any other needs. Without shelter, wild and domestic cats develop risk of possible dangers such as frozen paws and ears. Severe climate may harm their respiratory system too. Particularly, in the rains, fur of cats get wet and may cost them their lives.

Types of Shelter:

Styrofoam Cooler Shelter:

A general Styrofoam cooler may provide shelter to cats. This type of shelter is available at grocery stores and in departmental stores as well. It is also available at restaurants that obtain shipments of meat and fish filled in Styrofoam containers.

Plastic Bin Shelter:

Such type of shelter needs two plastic bins of Rubber made type, and they need to have lids of which one has to be big enough so that the lid and smaller bin fit inside it properly. Other than this, some straw for bedding along with a Styrofoam insulation of 4 by 8 foot is required.

Temporary shelter:

An abandoned or homeless cat may survive in a shelter made of commonly available items. A strong container or a heavyweight-shipping crate built with plastic and having resistance to bad climate is the ideal one.

Insulation and Bedding:

There are other ways for providing shelter to domestic cats. An insulating stuff inside the shelter house of cats gives their body the required heat and warmth. It is better to use straw for this purpose. Owners may avoid using towels, blankets or newspapers that suck the body heat of cats. In addition, owners need to change the insulating material for keeping it dry.

In cold climate, cat Habitat owners may use a Mylar blanket to line the floor or the interior walls of the shelter. Mylar imitates the body heat of cats. Mylar blankets are available at cheap prices. One more type of blanket that is available in pet stores is the Flexi-Mat Purr Pad.

Other Options to Buy Shelters:

Cat owners who have no time, skill or liking to build shelter for their cats, there is an alternative. Recently, pet stores offer cat shelters insulated with wood of superior quality. Cat Habitat owners willing to buy it may go through the web site of the store, for checking the price list or visit the nearest store.

Cats – Adaptability

Cats accommodate themselves in many places. May an apartment, a mansion, camper or a houseboat, they get used to the environment easily. However, basic shelter requirements of cats include a litter box and provision of warmth. Owners can make available all the necessary items for cats, indoors.

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