Bring In Some Bollywood Fun With The Tapori Kitty Party Theme

Tapori Kitty Party Theme

Theme-based kitty parties are far more entertaining than the non-themed kitty parties. They make the parties more fun-filled and exciting! In a non-themed kitty party, you can at best sit with your friends, do some gossips, have some snacks and maybe play a few games but kitty party themes can give you and your friends a special feel.

Party themes give you a chance to try something new, something that you don’t usually do such as, wearing a special type of dress, putting on theme-based jewelries, having a unique room decor and of course theme-based foods and games. Alongside fun, the kitty party themes can also offer you a great learning experience as each time, you get to know more about a particular culture.

So if you are really excited about hosting a theme-based kitty party, give the very exciting Tapori Theme a go! You can’t even imagine how amazing the party will be if you can perfectly get into the tapori mood.

Tapori Themed Kitty Party

There are very few people in India who haven’t ever heard the tapori language, especially those who have watched the movies of 80s and 90s. You must have noticed Anil Kapoor in movies like Mashaal and Karma – the way he dressed and uttered the typical tapori language, and these are certain things that you need to imitate a little bit to create the aura for your tapori-themed kitty party.

Dress Code

The dress code for this party theme can be knotted shirts, baggy denims, caps, scarfs around the neck, goggles and may be some dark brown jacket. You can wear golden chains around your neck and wrist and put kajal in your eyes.

The Language

What can be more apt than welcoming your guests in a cool tapori style like, “Kya boss! time khoti nai karne ka… party shuru karne ka..kya?” Exciting, isn’t it? Here are a few common tapori dialogue that you can learn to bring out the tapori inside you!

Aaila! – Oh God!
Do kya kharcha pani – Should I beat you up?
Fultoo – Too good
Hataa saawan ki ghataa – I don’t care
Khopche – a hidden/secret place
Waat – Trouble
Ek cutting chaai le aa – Get me half a glass of tea.
Boss – term often used to address a friend.
Chotey – a kid working at a roadside shop.
Kaiko – Why
Der futiya – a short person

The Food

When it comes to food for a tapori themed party, nothing fits better than the street foods of India. You can include items like Pao Bhaji, Vada Pao, Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Ragda Peti, Cholle Bhaturey and Thadaai. These are some of the most popular street foods that can drive anyone crazy with their colours and flavours.


You can include games like “Tapori Words Collection” wherein, all the ladies will be given pen and paper and 60 seconds time to write as many tapori words or phrases as they can remember. The winner will be the lady or the team (if you make two teams) who can write maximum numbers of tapori words. You can organize a dance competition and make the ladies dance like a tapori. The best dancer will be the proud winner! And yes, do not forget to play some popular tapori songs like “Apun bola, tu meri laila”, “Dilbara, apun ki tu, apun tera”, “M bole to… Munnabhaai”, etc.


There are many more kitty party themes such as Safari Theme, Childhood Theme, Rockstar Theme, etc. that you must try at different kitty sessions. You will be, undoubtedly, one of the most sought after party hosts in the town for sure! So get ready to amaze your guests this time. Boley to… Samjha kya Maamu?

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