7 Characteristics of a Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cat, small kitten portrait on white background

Did you know that Ragdoll cats are most sought after for their personalities? I’m going to list 7 traits that make the Ragdoll cat a pleasure to own. If you’ve ever wondered if a Ragdoll cat is the one for you, then these points may clear it up for you.

1. They go limp when held.

This is actually a little bit of a myth. Not all Ragdoll cats will go limp when held. Most do, though. They are a very relaxed breed of cat, and most love to be held. It sets them apart from many other breeds.

2. The breed is people orientated.

Ragdoll cats become very attached to their owners. By nature, they are very social animals and simply love interaction with the people around them. If you don’t like a cat that hovers around a Ragdoll cat may not be the cat for you.

3. As a breed they are calm yet love to play.

The breed retains a lot of kittens in them as they grow up. Overall they are calm cats, but if you put a toy in front
of them watch out! There’s nothing more fun than watching a cat kick a ball around the house. The good news is that they won’t be rough while they are doing it. Gentleness is part of the breed.

4. They adapt to living in small spaces well.

A Ragdoll cat is perfect for a small apartment, and as long as you don’t introduce them to the great outdoors, they will willingly stay inside. It’s part of their relaxed nature to adapt easily to living in an apartment.

5. You can train a Ragdoll cat to do tricks.

You’ve heard the saying that dogs have masters and cats have staff? They are one of the few breeds who will put that aside and allow you to teach them tricks. They are an intelligent breed and all it takes is a little encouragement and you are off and running. They will retrieve toys, fetch, and shake hands among other things. You can have hours of enjoyment teaching your cat new tricks.

6. They are not destructive in the home.

Most cats prefer to climb, jump on surfaces, and generally get into tight spaces. Not so, the Ragdoll cat. They are one of the few breeds that actually prefer floor level to jump up on the kitchen bench. This makes them ideal if you have a lot of breakables.

7. Their plush coat does not require excessive grooming.

Despite having a long coat they are one cat that does not require you to brush them every other day. One of the
characteristics of the breed is that their coat does not mat easily, and is so fine and light it doesn’t tend to get
caught in the fibers of furniture, either. This is yet another reason they are great indoor cats. If you are thinking of getting a Ragdoll cat, then these are seven good reasons to look more closely at the breed. Just remember that each cat is an individual, and not every character will apply.

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